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Observance Ceremony, Eastchurch

Every year, Eastchurch remembers the early pioneers of flight. A team of students, working largely alone recorded this years service on May 6th.

Memories of The Day

As part of their course work, the students had to produce a record of their activities. Part of it was photographic.

Flights of Fancy

Another first. This time it was the collaboration with students from Canterbury College. They made my life a lot easier and it was great fun working with them.

Peter Apps

For more about the filming of Flights of Fancy, Click here

For a high definition download, Click here


My first go with actors. I'm quite pleased with it and I liked the studio. It was in a pub, the Napier, Sheerness.

Peter Apps

To see how it was done Click Here

Fracture Point

This was my first attempt at video editing. I'd found software I could work with and it was simply a case of experimenting with clips downloaded from YouTube. Originally Fracture Point was in a collection of stories I wrote but the promotion was so successful that I published it as a separate ebook.

Peter Apps